Woodworking Ideas: Must-Try Ideas For Better Products

Woodworking Ideas: Must-Try Ideas For Better Products

Everybody, at some time or the other, is bitten by the DIY bug. Woodworking ideas are easy to find. Fruition is given a miss because of a lack of time, tools, or because it may seem a downright bother. You need to get your feet wet just once and take it, and DIY carpentry will be your addiction. The thrill of seeing something of your making, gradually taking shape and then becoming the whole finished product, is highly rewarding. Let’s start with some simple projects.

Basic Carpenter’s Hand Tools

We shall use limited power tools at this stage. Be careful while handling electric tools.

Woodworking Ideas: Must-Try Ideas For Better Products
Woodworking Ideas: Must-Try Ideas For Better Products


  • Handsaw
  • Hammer
  • Tape measure
  • Chalkline
  • Carpenters pencil
  • Utility knife
  • Tin snips
  • Nail puller
  • Speed square
  • Framing square
  • Levels
  • Wood chisel (1”)
  • Circular saw
  • Drill

Some Easy Basic Woodworking Ideas

Wooden Tablet Or Cookbook Stand

It’s a bit messy referring to your cookbook and doing the job. It’s distracting, and the book gets dirty. This easy to make a stand is of great use. It also doubles as a tablet stand so you can watch videos as you churn out that Eggs Benedict. It is a budget-friendly task, and you can use reusable wood. Modifications in the size and angle can to your taste as also the finish is possible.

Wooden X-Shaped Magazine Holder

Magazines have this terrible habit of wandering about the house scattered around. On the coffee table or the sofa, in the bedroom, and often in the toilet. How to restore order? Why by making a magazine holder. It can be dismantled quickly without any unscrewing as there are none. The pieces fit nicely into an X. This item is elementary to make and has a minimalistic look about it to boot.

Wooden Wall Planter

Who doesn’t love plants in their home? A home wouldn’t feel the same. The plant holder we are going to make looks cozy and delicate but is strong enough to bear the load. Also, it has a  shelf. A combined planter and rack, a sure winner. You can use the wood from a pallet or wooden boxes; both will do the trick. Only what remains to do is a little sanding and a lick of paint. It will have that rustic look or as the Interior fashion magazines call it, a distressed look.

DIY Media Box

All those tangled cords and your favorite nook, the clutter in the TV area, makes one scream in frustration This nifty looking DVD media box fits seamlessly into your den and goes a long way in cable management. The highlight of this piece is simplicity. You need just three sections of wood which will ultimately become one with glue. The hardest part is measuring and measuring again to make sure it’s a correct fit.

Woodworking Ideas: Must-Try Ideas For Better Products
Woodworking Ideas: Must-Try Ideas For Better Products

DIY Modern Platform Bed

Building a bed takes loads of time. Whoever said that didn’t quite know what he was saying. It is as easy as pie and moreover it is budget-friendly. At a stretch, you can make it for $50. That’s a steal. For a modern look, you can cut around the edges, but I feel that it’s not necessary. To finish it off professionally, use wood stain. It renders the wood durable. And voila! A simple, modern bed in a couple of hours hasslefree.

Conclusion On Woodworking Ideas

There’s a sea of ideas out there. DIY projects suitable for all levels. Now that you are up to your waist, keep at it. It can also lead to a successful business venture.

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