How To Use Woodworking Holdfasts Tool?

How To Use Woodworking Holdfasts Tool?

How To Use Woodworking Holdfasts Tool?

Bench dogs are the accessory of a workbench that helps to clamp work or are used as a stopper when sanding or planning a piece. It can also help as standoffs to put work down to the workbench. The holdfasts are fit into opening holes into the workbench, and it can be round or square. Woodworking holdfasts are the perfect accessory for a workbench. You can make DIY wood holdfasts or also buy them and use any way you want them.

How Do Bench Holdfasts Work?

The holdfasts tool involve various advantage than modern working tools.

How To Use Woodworking Holdfasts Tool?
How To Use Woodworking Holdfasts Tool?

Acquire The Material

The material required in this step are mild steel round bar, oxide patina fish, and ¼” plate sheet and also some tools are metal saw, welder, metal file, piper blender, and angle grinder. The bar stock should be smaller than the hole because it will fit into the hole. Many holdfasts have a higher curve, and some have a sharp bend at around 90 degrees, and it will need less or more length. Ductile forged iron or mild steel is the best holdfast that helps to spring and bend slightly. Do not use cast iron, stainless steel, brass, or aluminum, and they are too brittle and soft.


The geometry is very complicated. The shaft needs a sharp part of the equipment to spread above the surface on the bench when a holdfast is flat. But because the size of the shaft is small than the hole, it will stay at an angle point, so the pad requires to lower dip than the starting bend.

Cutting The Pad

You should cut pad from the CNC water jet cutter. If you don’t have a CNC water jet cutter, then you can use a blade of metal on a jigsaw or miter saw to cut out the usual shape and then refine the part of wood with an angle grinder. The holdfast pad is generally leaf or square-shaped. But leaf-shaped holdfast is good for your project work.

Weld The Holdfast

The plate will need a few penetrations on the side of the welder. After this, there will be more grinding, so don’t be greedy with the beads.

Grind To Holdfast

The pad requires to be smooth at the bottom, and it creates much contact work with the workpiece that is stronger to hold. You can also use the handle file after grinding to refine the shape more.

How To Use Woodworking Holdfasts Tool?
How To Use Woodworking Holdfasts Tool?


The patina is an oxide that will insulate and save the steel, and it has some other effect of passing as forged iron. You prepped sandblasting with the metal. After twenty minutes, you can wash off the solution of the patina, and it leaves the amazing black surface.

If you are making a plan and a bench to use holdfast, you can build a bench to drill holes and select one. You can also experiment with various holes size and various thicknesses of tops. The different holdfasts have performed different performances and are also different in cost as compared to the version of mass-produced.

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