Dog Kennel: How To Build It Nice And Easy?

Dog Kennel: How To Build It Nice And Easy?

Dog kennels are the best option to keep your dog safe and sound from the outside atmosphere. Moreover, they also provide enough space for your dog to play around. Additionally, kennel also protects other animals as well as your family members and friends from your dog.

Further, dog kennels also make traveling easy and fun. Since one can take portable kennel along while on the road, this will protect your dog and also prevent your car from any damage.

Dog Kennel: How To Build It Nice And Easy?
Dog Kennel: How To Build It Nice And Easy?

Designing The Dog Kennel

Decide The Size Of The Dog Kennel

The first step in creating the dog kennel is to know how big the den will be. Thus, the size of the enclosure depends on how big your dog is. The larger the dog, the more space it requires. For instance, a small dog like Chihuahua needs a kennel of size 6 feet long and 6 feet wide. Further, a dog-like Golden Retriever requires a kennel of 10 feet long and 10 feet wide.

Pick A Place For Dog Kennel

A spot should be decided to put the kennel. The spot should be where maximum shade is received during the day. So, it is best to put it under a tree.

Use Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing is a more affordable and secure option for the dog kennel. Therefore, get the fencing at least 4 feet tall. But, taller fencing for a giant dog.

Dog Kennel: How To Build It Nice And Easy?
Dog Kennel: How To Build It Nice And Easy?

Building The Dog Kennel

Use Twine And Wood Stakes

With a hammer, put a stake into the ground where each corner of the kennel will be. Next, connect the stakes with the twine, such that it forms a shape of square or rectangle.

Lay Down A Floor

Before putting the flooring, lay down a sheet of landscaping fabric on the ground to keep weeds out. Further, do not use concrete as flooring, as it causes damage to dogs’ paws and joints. Moreover, if you use gravel, you’ll have to add more each year. Since gravel will be lost when you pick up poop in the kennel.

Dig Holes For The Fence

Use a post-hole digger to dig the holes of size 2 foot at each corner. The holes should be twice the diameter of fence posts, just about 6 inches.

Dig A Hole For The Gate

First, select the side for the gate. Further, measure the gate with a measuring tape. The space between the corner post hole and the new hole should be the same as the length of the gate. For instance, if the gate is 45 inches tall, the space between the center of the corner post hole and the center of the new hole should be 45 inches.

Install The Gate

Further, put hinges for the gate on the gate post. One hinge should be 8 inches from the top of the gate post. Also, attach the hinges on the gate and tighten the bolts on both hinges to secure the gate in place

Furthermore, add fencing to the remaining sides of the kennel.

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